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Damion Haux has an extensive portfolio in the field of audio production, contributing to a diverse range of projects across various mediums. Notably, he has lent his expertise to acclaimed documentaries such as "In Restless Dreams: The Music of Paul Simon" by Alex Gibney, "American Experience: Billy Graham" by PBS, and "The Radical Story of Patty Hearst" by CNN. Haux's work extends beyond documentaries, including involvement in series like "Outcry" on Showtime and "Screenland" on Netflix.

His collaborations span from television networks like ESPN and A&E to streaming platforms such as HBO and Netflix. Haux has also worked on commercial projects for major brands like Ford, SONY, Kia, Patron Distillery, and L.L. Bean, showcasing his versatility in capturing the essence of different products and services through sound.

In addition to his work in traditional media, Haux has contributed to podcasts, short films, and campaign videos, demonstrating his adaptability to various formats and genres. With a track record of involvement in high-profile productions and diverse projects, Damion Haux continues to make significant contributions to the world of audio production.


I have 20 plus years of sound experience in a wide range of environments and situations, in Texas, the United States, and Worldwide. All the way from howler monkey studies in Costa Rica, to Travel Channel shows in Malaysia and Singapore, to documentary shorts in South Africa and Swaziland, to Marijuana docu-series in the mountain towns of Colorado

I have worked for all the major networks on shows such as 48 hours, 20/20, NBC Nightly News, EPSNs World Series of Poker, 60 minutes and NFL Networks coverage of major games. Reality shows like A&E My 600lb Life, Discovery Channel Renovation Nation, Cooking Channel Unique Sweets, and A&E Shipping Wars. Commercials for Patron Tequila, Finlandia Vodka, Yeti Coolers, DELL Computers and Yahoo. Documentaries for The New Yorker, Showtime, HBO and National Geographic.


Only the best professional audio gear is part of my package. No plasticized Zoom recorders, no consumer quality Sennheiser or Sony wireless. I use the Sound Devices solid-state digital mixer-recorder 833 (6-12 channel). My wireless lavaliers are all Lectrosonics Digital UHF units with small high-powered SMQ transmitters and Sanken or TRAM microphones. I have a variety of shotgun microphones for inside and outside applications, ranging from the Schoeps C-MIT to Sanken CS-3E. My kit is filled out with a Betso smart slate as well as Betso TX and RX wireless lockit boxes for timecode syncing, Lectrosonics IFBs for client monitoring, a plethora of high quality cabling for multi-camera shoots, and problem solving gizmos for every eventuality.


"Dude, this audio you recorded is shockingly good. Even in the train diner and the waterfall mansion. You're unreal." -Julio Quintana - Director, Austin, TX


After starting out as a live and recording sound engineer in concert venues and studios up and down the West coast, and traveling on the road with several touring bands during the late 90's, I settled in Austin and started doing audio for the major networks. That soon led to reality shows, documentaries, and indie projects. After that came commercials and features. For the last several decades I have worked on hundreds of projects and only been fired once.

Known for my directness and work ethic (and my humorous sarcastic excellence), I am well educated with a BS in Computer Science and years of technical expertise and world travel behind me. With a personal history of welding fabrication, home remodeling, electronic circuit design and extensive reading on a plethora of subjects, there aren't that many projects I can't bring something constructive to.

Clients and Recent Work

This is as close as I come to a resume or CV. Feel free to contact me via email or text if you have questions about any of these entries or want a professional or personal reference.


Ford Motor Company, “Ford 150 Revival”
In Restless Dreams The Music of Paul Simon, Alex Gibney
Sports Illustrated, "Chuck Aoki"-TEAM USA
PBS, "American Experience - Billy Graham"
Showtime, "Outcry", Documentary Series
CNN, "The Radical Story of Patty Hearst", Documentary Series
Showtime, "Murder in the Bayou, The Jeff Davis 8"
PBS, “American Spring Live – Nature”
SONY, "Willie Nelson 2018 Studio Project"
Ford/Fox Sports, "Michael Irvin, Hall of Fans - Stoney"
Rovio/Imagine Dragons, "Tyler Robinson Foundation PSA"
Southwest Airlines/Luck Reunion - Live Band Mix
Netflix, "Screenland" Series
Showtime, "Disgraced" Emmy Award Winning Documentary
William Sonoma, "Conversations"
US Air Force, "Civil Engineering Spots"
Pandora, "SXSW 2018"
Pinterest, "SXSW 2018 Panels"
L.L. Bean, "Summer Spots 2018"
Amarillo National Bank, "TV Spots 2018"
ESPN, "We The Fans"
Vice News HBO, "Will Hurd DC2DQ 2017"
Rooster Teeth, "Fast & Furious Uber"
Car2Go, "The Power Couple"
Kia, “Niro : Expectations”
Esquire Television, “Friday Night Tykes”
“Richard Linklater: Dream is Destiny”, Documentary
New Yorker Presents, Season 1 Episode 7 "Lone Star Nurse"
Finlandia Vodka, "Journey to the Source Ep. 3"
Conversation Earth Podcast, "Nature Doesn't Negotiate"
Yeti Coolers, "Shut Up and Paddle - Texas Water Safari"
Short Film, "Detective Calzone"
Finlandia Vodka, "Journey to the Source Ep. 2"
Rooster Teeth, "Scorpions Family Dojo"
DELL Supercomputing Center
Austin Bar Association
Criterion Collection, "Jim Franklin Interview"
TLC, "Skin Tight Season 1"
Patron Distillery, "Patron Silver Commercial"
ABC, "Good Morning America: Texas Woman's Viral Cancer Video"
Al Jazeera, "Money for Nothing: Ali Veshi"
Roosterteeth, "Million Dollars, but..."
CNN/Netflix, "High Profits"
A&E, "Shipping Wars Season 4"
DELL, "Experience Dell"
Fox Sports One, "MotoGP 2015"
National Geographic, "Breakthrough"
Cooking Channel, "Unique Sweets: Austin"
Campaign Video, Senator Cornyn
Press Junket, "Wish I Was Here"
Press Junket "Tree of Life"
Press Junket "Let the Right One In"
Esquire TV, "Friday Night Tykes Season 2"
Fox Sports One "MotoGP 2014"
TLC "Cyber Stalkers"
TLC, "My 600lb Life Season 5"


Play Network SXSW 2014 "Journeys"
Sony Pictures Press Junket "Evil Dead 2013"
A&E "Shipping Wars Season 5"
TLC "My 600 Pound Life Season 2,3,4"
Boot Barn National Commercial
Discovery Channel "Texas Car Wars"
"Bully" Documentary
Yahoo "The New Now-Bedroom Sessions SXSW 2012"
Spike TV "GT.TV Junction Point"
Nestle Purina Cat Chow Web Commercial Series
Nokia - SXSW 2011
Tiger Woods, Paul Azinger "My Swing App"
DIY "Indoors Out"
IFC "Whisker Wars"
MTV "Human Trafficking PSA"
BBC "Infested"
True Crime "Murder She Solved"
Tourism Bureau "Get Lost in Loudoun" Web Series
Wild Turkey Commercial "American Honey"
Yahoo Commercial "Mailbox Series"
British Petroleum "Shrimpin Isn't Easy"
A&E "Shipping Wars"
TLC "My 600 Pound Life Season 1"
National Geographic "Knights of Mayhem"
Comedy Central "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"
TLC "Quints By Surprise"
A&E "Heavy"
TruTV Conspiracy Theory w/Jesse Ventura "Alex Jones"

Way Past

CBS Evening News
CBS Sports (Superbowl Feature, Matamoros, Mexico)
CBS 48 Hours
CBS 60 Minutes
The Travel Channel (Samantha Brown Series)

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • San Francisco
  • Napa Valley
  • Route 66
  • Grand Canyon
  • Austin
  • Smokey Mountains

History Channel (Evolve Series, Costa Rica)
TLC "Home Made Simple"
TLC "The Bussey Bunch", Reality Series
Discovery Channel (Renovation Nation)
HDNET "Dan Rather"
NFL Network
ABC World News Tonight
ABC Extreme Makeover
ABC 20/20
ESPN World Series of Poker '04-'10
HBO Sports Barbaro Documentary
Sony Music
Golf Channel

"A Place to Dance" Documentary PBS
"Transtasia" Documentary Showtime
"Half Ton Killer" Documentary

EPK New Line "Texas Chainsaw Prequel"
EPK Paramount "How to Eat Fried Worms"
EPK Paramount "True Grit"

SXSW VH-1 '06
SXSW Fuse TV '07
SXSW DirectTV '08


Please email or call or text if you have any questions about availability, rate, equipment, my passions for travel and work, professional or personal references, or anything else.

  • Address: 1309 Walnut Ave, Austin, TX 78702 USA
  • Phone: +1 512 970 8 eight 85
  • Email: damion at haux audio dot com
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